09 May 2016

Featured Style Blogger: Style With Nihan

NAME: Nihan Gorkem 
BLOG: Style With Nihan | @nihancik 

Hi there SD Style Bloggers! Jordan here from JJ Honey Lavender and today I'm very excited to introduce to you one of the cutest bloggers out there, Nihan Gorkem of Style With Nihan

JORDAN: What inspired you to join this industry that your are so fully thriving in now? Any muses or role models?

NIHAN: My passion for styling and design is what got me into the fashion industry. I don't honestly have a true "role model". Of course, I follow a bunch of style bloggers but, I am my own muse. Since the fashion blogging scene is so saturated, I try not to look at others' blogs too often. I wouldn't want to be influenced away from my own unique style. 

JORDAN: Tell us something most people would not know about you right off the bat. Do you have any hidden quirks, unusual hobbies or things that interest you? 

NIHAN: Maybe that I'm Turkish? I also have a deep interest in Japan and its culture. I finally had the opportunity to visit, for the first time, last year and I have made it a life goal to move there. Another unusual hobby I have is digital marketing, which also happens to be my job. Even when I'm not working, you'll find me reading marketing related articles and books or listening to podcasts. 

JORDAN: Name three thing you're looking forward to about this year and why.

NIHAN: The first would be traveling to three countries that I have yet to explore. I just came back from Costa Rica so I have, at least, one country down. Secondly, I would like to expand my digital marketing company, which I also happened to start earlier this year. Lastly, I would like to move back to San Diego. I have missed the peacefulness of the city while being up in Los Angeles. (Since this interview Nihan has moved to San Diego, yay!)

JORDAN: What are some of your favorite spots that you enjoy frequenting? 

NIHAN: Favorite restaurants include Puesto at the Headquartes, Okan Wa Dining in Convoy and Cafe Sevilla in the Gaslamp. As for shopping, I really enjoy Fashion Valley or UTC. The majority of my go-to stores are located there. Plus, I really like how laid back and stress-free these malls are. There is so much to do in San Diego - sunset watching at Coronado Beach or visiting the La Jolla Children's Pool. 

JORDAN: What types of advice or wisdom do you think a mentor should have shared with you when first starting your blog? What are some things you learned or obstacles you have overcome? 

NIHAN: I wish I had a mentor who told me that if I wanted to something, I should just go for it! Stop making excuses and just make it happen. I have regrets about not starting my blog sooner. I had initially wanted to launch eight years ago, what a difference time makes.There weren't many style bloggers at the time and it would have been a more accessible opportunity. Now, there are so many of us with the same passion that it can get difficult to separate yourself from the crowd. 

There are a ton of things that I learned since then. I believe most bloggers need to find their personal niche. Once they've done that they can proceed with the theme of their blog. This will help you stand out while allowing you to stay congruent in your own style.

JORDAN: How would you describe your style? What is your usual morning routine? 

NIHAN: I would describe my style as chic, romantic and versatile. Sometimes edgy but, always comfortable. I am a big trend-lover. I always look up new trends, create collages for myself and use it as inspiration for my blog and potential outfit posts. I like mixing new trends with vintage items or pieces I already own. 

JORDAN: What are your plans for the future? Both, in your career and style evolution? Where do you see yourself in three year? 

NIHAN: After embodying the entrepreneurial spirit and growing my company and blog while I explore the world, I want to expand my client portfolio to well recognized media companies and/or fashion brands - like Vogue Japan since I'll definitely be living in Japan in the next few years. As for my style, it'll evolve into an eclectic mix of Harajuku boldness and California laid back style. It'll be an awesome time to experiment and incorporate these influences into my style. I'm excited for what's to come.

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