11 November 2013

Thrifting For Prints In San Diego

I've loved thrifting for as long as I can remember and it's been one of my favorite hobbies since moving to San Diego. There is something so comforting about going to a vintage shop, picking out a piece that has history and giving it a loving home. It doesn't hurt that the thrifting/vintage scene in this city is so amazing!
Finding eclectic prints is one of my main motivations for going into vintage shops and spending hours looking at merchandise so imagine how great I felt when I came across this multicolored blouse in Thrift Trader.
This entire outfit was thrifted. I love the crazy print on the blouse and needed something to tone it down so I opted for this purple leather skirt. It's perfect because the length makes it appropriate for the workplace but the color adds a little funk. 
Generally, I would wear nude pumps with an outfit so colorful but I saw these shoes while putting this outfit together and I knew they would compliment the outfit wonderfully!
I can't believe this outfit only cost me $30. Normally I spend that much on one item of clothing!

Do you thrift in San Diego? If so, what is your favorite vintage shop in the city?

~Candice Shaw



  1. I haven't thrifted in soooo long! Candice you have just motivated me to! Love the outfit!

    1. I want to see the things you thrift! I can only image the awesome outfits you would put together.

  2. I LOVE thrifting! you look fabulous candice!

  3. Love the top! It is amazing. I need to start thrifting again. Could you a post about your favorite thrift shops in San Diego? The only ones I've gone to are in the Hillcrest area.

  4. I've never gone thrifting! I need to do it ASAP. I've heard many thrift stores carry great plus size items as well. Great article!

  5. Thrifting is so much fun! There are so many great thrift stores in San Diego!!!! Love your outfit :)