22 November 2013

SD Bloggers on YouTube: Laura Neuzeth

Today we are inaugurating a new section on the blog called San Diego Bloggers on Youtube, where we will feature bloggers that have ventured into the youtube world, or that became bloggers to complement their youtube channel. Today we want to introduce to you Laura, a charismatic vlogger that teaches  her viewers how to style a pixie cut, how to do easy and fun nail designs, and how to style her favorite fashion trends. 



19 November 2013

Emma Jane Event Recap

Friday was a special day for us. Emma Jane and SD Style Bloggers partnered up to host a Glam Meet up. Oh, and was it ever sooo glamorous! This little shop is nestled in downtown La Jolla. It's cute, flirty and fun. Sex and the City quotes are mounted on their pastel pink walls. Vogue issues sit atop a coffee table filled with accessories. As if their decor hadn't already swooped us off our feet, the shop has it's own bridal section!

We spent the night swooning over Lovetatum jewelry while enjoying some fresh Beaming cocktails. There was mixing, mingling and a whole-lotta shopping! Some of our very own contributors walked out with their little piece of Emma Jane and Lovetatum.
Jenn & Jess of Emma Jane 

15 November 2013

SD Style Bloggers Dress In ...

Hey lovely SDSB members!

We're crushing on metallics this month! Whether you choose a beautiful bronze, cool silver or rich gold, anything goes for this month's Link-up party. Use metallic hues to accessorize your already fabulous #ootd or try it as a full look. Link your pictures below and show us how you make a shimmering statement.
~ Tuyaymya 


13 November 2013

Shopping Online Consignment

Shopping online consignment can be a minefield between finding the right sizes, authenticating, and returns – as of late it’s left something to be desired. Luckily, industry leaders have heard our cries and have responded with an ever expanding e-commerce consignment industry explosion.

There’s Vaunte, The Real Real, Poshmark, Threadflip, Shop-Hers, Tradesy, Tracy’s Closet, Bib + Tuck….the list goes on and on! Alas, the one issue all of these sites have in common is they are so carefully curated we can’t find anything in our budget OR they’re not curated at all and it’s like shopping Forever 21 on black Friday. (Somehow, we know there isn’t really a ‘SALE’ but that 10% off before noon keeps us looking for a treasure). Hence, Designer Vault was born.

Designer Vault is a San Diego born and bred e-commerce Consignment Company which offers you the best of both worlds --- highly curated merchandise combined with a breadth and depth of selection. What we do is unlike any other consignment company to date. We go into your home and help you decide what to keep, sell, throw away and donate. We throw away the junk. We donate your once loved items to much needed charity organizations. We sell your contemporary clothing from BCBG to you haute couture Dolce & Gabanna runway boots. What’s our secret? We only post the BEST of the BEST items on our website so you don’t need to dig through anything. Here it’s all the good stuff! Everything else that’s good but, just not great ends up on our eBay store so it’s a one stop shop, WIN-WIN for everyone!

Still, not sure how to manage the minefield of consignment?  I’ve put together 6 quick tips to navigate from cheap to chic in no time!

RULE #1: Never look for something specific
When shopping in consignment stores, whether it’s online or in the intrawebs looking for something specific can take the joy out of finding something fantastic. Rather, keep an open mind and wait for something to appeal to your senses. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Photo Credit: http://sf.popsugar.com/Consignment-Stores-San-Francisco-20527748
 RULE #2: Purge When Necessary
Haven’t worn something in over 6 months? Time to let it go, I often hang my hangers backwards and after a garment has been worn I adjust the hanger to hang appropriately. After 6 months if garments are still on backwards hangers, I know it’s time to say adios. The glory in saying goodbye? Reselling these once loved items gives life for new items to make their way into my closet.
RULE #3: Love an online consignment store? Get on their list!
Getting on the list (e-mail list that is) of an online consignment store is the equivalent of getting first in line to the latest night club all your friends have been talking about. In the world of consignment, EVERYTHING is scarce as in there’s usually only one item available at a time. Some items may only come to market once every ten years—or even less! When great things come in you’ll definitely want to be the first to know!

RULE #4: Don’t judge a store by its exterior…
Haven’t you heard the saying the best treasures are the one’s worth digging for? I’ve once found a Chanel blazer at a thrift store for $8. It wasn’t the prettiest place nor the likeliest but that old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be more true.

Photo Credit: http://trainedmonkey.com/tag/dtla
Shopping consignment can leave you breathless from pursuing racks of consignment goods to typing 95 words per minute so that someone doesn’t steal that perfect Prada from your shopping cart. We’ve all been there! But just slow down sista because, often times impulse and rushed purchases = returns. Due to the nature of the business many consignment stores don’t accept returns so be sure to proceed with caution!

RULE #6: Look Often
New merchandise comes and goes every day on consignment sites across the country. So don’t be the so sorry Charlie when you see your Chanel boots at Decades for $550 ahem, sold out. The only place you can now find them is Vaunte for $1200.  It pays to be in the know and trust us, your wallet will thank you.


11 November 2013

Thrifting For Prints In San Diego

I've loved thrifting for as long as I can remember and it's been one of my favorite hobbies since moving to San Diego. There is something so comforting about going to a vintage shop, picking out a piece that has history and giving it a loving home. It doesn't hurt that the thrifting/vintage scene in this city is so amazing!
Finding eclectic prints is one of my main motivations for going into vintage shops and spending hours looking at merchandise so imagine how great I felt when I came across this multicolored blouse in Thrift Trader.
This entire outfit was thrifted. I love the crazy print on the blouse and needed something to tone it down so I opted for this purple leather skirt. It's perfect because the length makes it appropriate for the workplace but the color adds a little funk. 
Generally, I would wear nude pumps with an outfit so colorful but I saw these shoes while putting this outfit together and I knew they would compliment the outfit wonderfully!
I can't believe this outfit only cost me $30. Normally I spend that much on one item of clothing!

Do you thrift in San Diego? If so, what is your favorite vintage shop in the city?

~Candice Shaw