26 July 2013

Featured Style Blogger: Patflor

Pat & Paula from Patflor

How long have you been blogging?
We launched Patflor on May 2012.

What were your main reasons you started a blog?
Patflor entered our lives as a good way of easing our minds from our very intense everyday work routines, transporting us to a different field of interest: Fashion. Since we are Brazilian, the blog also allows us to have a more direct contact with dear ones we left in Brazil, and not to mention, all the new friends we have been making. Yet, Patflor is an expression of our bonding, we are mother and daughter.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by any kind of creative form of Design, Art, Culture and Nature.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We both have a passion for traveling, and we also enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, including San Diego’s beautiful beaches. We like fine dining, watching a good movie, as well as hanging out with family and friends.

How long have you lived in San Diego? Tell us what you love about SD
Pat has been living in San Diego for about 12 years and Paula, close to 3 years. I guess everyone shares a love affair with the gorgeous weather and laid back lifestyle found in SD, but we also feel safe here, since we come from a huge city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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  1. Great interview, both Pat and Paula are absolutely lovely. :-)


    1. So sweet of you, Laura. Thank you!

      Pat & Paula

  2. Awwww, lovely pictures and great interview! I love Pat and Paula :)



    1. Thank you, Cy! Our love back to you.

      Pat & Paula