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22 April 2013


Hi -
It's Lisa over at MonaLisaMarie. I want to share a new site with all my favorite San Diego Bloggers. Because Google Reader is going away there aren't many options for following your favorite blogs all in one place. There is Bloglovin or my new favorite Canopi. The site allows you to search for specific blog content and rate blogs based on your preferences.

As a member of Canopi, you can set-up your blog feed to automatically update to the site and even receive bi-weekly stats on your posting scores. Canopi also gives you exposure to brands and hopefully new opportunities.

If you are curious about Canopi, click here to see a presentation from one the founders, Erin Flynn.

Have a great week and I hope to see you over at Canopi!



  1. Thanks for the tip, Lisa.
    We will check it out.

  2. Great info Lisa! Thanks for letting us know.


  3. So good to know! Hey and btw...starting Monday I am doing my five day may giveaway...chalk full of some super duper stuff! You've gotta make sure to stop on by!!!! :-)


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