04 October 2012

National Massage Week

So much excitement in the air with SD Fashion Week upon us, and what better way to wind down from a week of dashing around {in heels, mind you} than to reward yourself with a nice long massage. I know I'm not the only lady out there who loves a good spa session and some serious pampering, so what better excuse to indulge in a guilty pleasure than National Massage Week!  Apparently October 21st-27th is the week to enjoy a little R&R and we are so excited to be making our own appointments at Bellus Academy!

With an upscale and peaceful environment, students work closely under the supervision of staff at unbelievably affordable prices.  Massage services at the Poway Campus include the following tempting options:

* Swedish Massage - slowly soothes and relaxes as it improves circulation and lymph flow. 50 min

* Sports Massage - increases flexibility as your muscles lengthen and mobility increases. 50 min

* Deep Tissue - loosens tight muscles using intense to deep massage strokes. 50/40 min

* Shiatsu - an oriental system of finger pressure massage - restores the body's natural energy balance/ 50 min

* Hot Basalt Rock - melts away tension by helping tight muscles release. 50 min

* Express scalp or reflexology 30 min

Bellus offers much more than massages, but with National Massage Week on the way I think we are ready to partake.... not quite sure which massage I'm going to try out, but you can be sure I'll be back here to describe the entire experience!  


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  1. I was SO impressed by the great work of Bellus Academy at Fashion Week SD, their hair and make up was on another level AMAZING. I'm sure the massages will be up to par as well. I'm really looking forward to it!!