12 October 2012

Fashion's Night Out San Diego

A bit overdue... but Paulina & I had a blast at FNO at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego! We checked out the fashion show at the center of the mall, and then proceeded to the private event/runway show at Neiman Marcus. Drinks, delicious treats, and such gorgeous fashion inspiration for Fall... perfect night. It was a pleasure to run into Amanda from Naughty Monkey and Hello Amanda as well as Adriana from San Diego Magazine!  Thank you Fashion's Night Out, Neiman Marcus, & Fashion Valley Mall.

 Hope you enjoy the photos!


08 October 2012

A Little Holiday Sparkle

What girl doesn't love a little sparkle?  Recently Paulina and I came across a site that had us dreaming of diamonds this coming holiday season!  Not only diamonds, but Anjolee carries the most beautiful gemstone pieces as well.  What we also love about this site is the personal customizing options for any piece.  Gorgeous wedding/anniversary rings are to die for, and I'm actually swooning especially over the diamond stud earrings.  Every girl needs a classic piece such as this for any occasion.  It's almost as important as the Little Black Dress!  So we thought it would be fun to conduct a little interview with Anjolee.  I was curious a few things in particular -- especially the opportunity to upgrade my own wedding ring in the near future!!  Hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Anjolee....

Hello, and thanks for joining us in this exclusive interview!  We are swooning over the many selections of diamonds and jewels from your site, and what girl wouldn't?!  Obviously engagement rings are a huge draw to your site, so my first question is this:  

1. Where would a man begin his search for that perfect ring?  He might be lost browsing on his own -- do you have a special representative service where someone can help guide him through the process? 

Anjolee’s expert service agents are available to speak by phone, chat support or email. Customers should begin the process with diamond research focusing on  the four c’s of diamonds and how it affects the value. We can also provide suggestions for selecting an engagement ring style, help them find the right ring size to order and discuss third party diamond certificates.

2. How long has your company been selling gorgeous jewelry?  (when were you established)

Anjolee was established in 1977 as the leading manufacturer of Fine Jewelry.

3. Do you have any physical stores throughout the US or are you only available online?

We sell online via Anjolee.com, giving customers the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer. Our quality standard are very high but our pricing is not.

4. I love that your gemstone pieces are every bit as exquisite as the diamonds.  Are these a top seller for you as well?

Gemstones are a great way to personalize fine jewelry. We receive a lot of orders for gemstone jewelry where the customer chooses to alternate diamonds with the gemstone from their birthday month. Also, some people just prefer to add a pop of vivid color to their jewelry collection.

5. I have just had my 6-year wedding anniversary and I would love to think about updating my ring with additional stones, perhaps not until the 10-year mark though.  Is this something your company can do?

Anjolee has many options for wedding anniversary rings with exactly 6,7, and 10 stones. These rings are located in our ‘Wedding and Anniversary Ring’ section and can be customized to match your engagement ring. Anjolee cannot use the diamonds from an existing ring to reset in one of our settings. We only work with Anjolee diamonds.

6.  What kind of insurance policy do you have in place for your diamond rings?

Anjolee guarantees the quality of our fine jewelry. Although, Anjolee does not offer insurance directly, we can provide you with a recommendation. Jewelers Mutual is a large independent company offering insurance for all your fine jewelry. Simply visit their website to get started.

7.  With the holidays coming up, are there any special discounted rates of offers your are running?

Anjolee operates a Facebook page and offers specials to our newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans. During the year we can offer an additional 5% savings using coupon code: MP591.

Thank you so much, and we are just drooling over all of the gorgeous pieces on your site!!

04 October 2012

National Massage Week

So much excitement in the air with SD Fashion Week upon us, and what better way to wind down from a week of dashing around {in heels, mind you} than to reward yourself with a nice long massage. I know I'm not the only lady out there who loves a good spa session and some serious pampering, so what better excuse to indulge in a guilty pleasure than National Massage Week!  Apparently October 21st-27th is the week to enjoy a little R&R and we are so excited to be making our own appointments at Bellus Academy!

With an upscale and peaceful environment, students work closely under the supervision of staff at unbelievably affordable prices.  Massage services at the Poway Campus include the following tempting options:

* Swedish Massage - slowly soothes and relaxes as it improves circulation and lymph flow. 50 min

* Sports Massage - increases flexibility as your muscles lengthen and mobility increases. 50 min

* Deep Tissue - loosens tight muscles using intense to deep massage strokes. 50/40 min

* Shiatsu - an oriental system of finger pressure massage - restores the body's natural energy balance/ 50 min

* Hot Basalt Rock - melts away tension by helping tight muscles release. 50 min

* Express scalp or reflexology 30 min

Bellus offers much more than massages, but with National Massage Week on the way I think we are ready to partake.... not quite sure which massage I'm going to try out, but you can be sure I'll be back here to describe the entire experience!  


02 October 2012

Happy Fashion Week San Diego!

San Diego is a buzz with Fashion as we embark on the first Fashion Week San Diego since 2008!! We hope that you have snagged your tickets by now as of yesterday all tickets have been sold out!
fashion week san diego
I'm so excited to see the work from the talented designers, hair & make up artists as well as gain more insight about the Fashion industry in San Diego. Here is the Calendar of Events which can be found on www.fashionweeksd.com with more detail. Hope to see you San Diego Fashionistas there! Make sure to follow along @FashionWeekSD on Twitter & Instagram as well as @SDStyleBloggers for pictures & updates!

Meet & Greet Mixer with Designers
Time: 6pm
Location: Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar, 875 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion
Time: 6pm
Location: W Hotel San Diego, 421 West B Street  San Diego, CA 92101

Spotlight: San Diego Style
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, overlooking the Padres Stadium. 350 Tenth Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Diego 92101

First Preview of Collections
This is the first time VIP ticket holders will get to see what the collections of the Fashion Week San Diego emerging designers look like up close and be able to meet them in person. Designers will be with each of their pieces and will be sharing the inspiration, materials used, special features, signature style and answer any questions about the collection they created.

Time: 6pm
Location: FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, overlooking the Padres Stadium. 350 Tenth Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Diego 92101

Fashion Week San Diego Runway Shows
Time: 6pm
Location: Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp, Woodstock, 207 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Trunk Show
 View and buy the Fashion Week San Diego designers collections that just walked the runway. Today guests will be able to see the full collections on display, get pampered, and shop. In addition to the Fashion Week San Diego designers, there will be many other local boutiques, designers and beauty companies to keep you interested and entertained.
Time: 11am to 2pm
Location: Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp, Edge Ballroom, 207 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101