23 June 2012

Featured Style Blogger: The Stylish Housewife

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since 2008, but started The Stylish Housewife in 2010.

What were the main reasons you started a blog?
After having my son, I decided to quit my job in the financial services industry to become a stay at home mom. I found myself getting WAY too comfortable hanging out in my pajamas/workout clothes (even though I was NOT working out at the time...lol) and decided I needed to do something to motivate myself to dress up more often. And so The Stylish Housewife was born.

What inspires you?
After spending a few years in NYC & LA, it took some getting used to dressing down again for my casual beach-ish town but I am always inspired by  BIG city fashionistas! I also love flipping through my fave mags for outfit inspiration and of course, my fellow style bloggers are always keeping me inspired to try new things!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
I recently joined stroller strides (wow, I sound like SUCH a mom) and I am ADDICTED. It is a great workout plus we get to socialize with other moms & kiddos! I am also a nail polish addict so I can often be found rearranging my nail polish collection. KIDDING...but I do paint my nails quite often.

How long have you lived in San Diego? Tell us what you love about SD.  
I am born and raised in Southern California. I graduated from Carlsbad High School and spent most of my younger years in Encinitas. Then at 30 years old I picked up and moved to NYC. After that I lived in LA briefly before coming back home to the Encinitas area. All of my family and friends live here so I can't imagine raising a family anywhere else! There's no place like home.
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  1. I love your style, Jenn! The bright blazer, striped skirt and pink dress are calling my name... :) I too am inspired by BIG city fashion, so I love getting to know another SD blogger who loves to dress it up a bit! Can't wait to meet you at the event!


  2. I love Jenn's blog and I love that she's so mom yet so stylish!

  3. Love your answers Jenn! so funny! and great outfits :)