07 June 2012

Event Spotlight: Fashion Week San Diego

Hi San Diego Style Bloggers & Co., here is a great event for us to attend! Fashion Week SD 2012 is set to take place the October 1-7, 2012 with a big runway show taking place on Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel. It will be showcasing 17 amazing fashion designers (already announced on fashionweeksd.com) as well as showcasing the talent of beauty gurus throughout the week. One of the designers will even win a business package to help catapult their business! I hope that this is one of many FWSD's to come, and that it places a well-deserved spotlight on our fashion community!
Allison Andrews, the founder of Fashion Week San Diego, last brought us Fashion Week SD back in 2008 and has undertaken the task yet again to bring it back this year. I'm so in awe of Allison and her team's dedication to making this happen that I had to ask her a few questions. 

What inspired you to create Fashion Week SD?
Allison: The fashion community of San Diego needed this event. I was working with several boutique and designer clients doing smaller fashion events around town and people wanted these events. Crowds would come out every night of the week and from it we grew into needing a larger event. The key was that we now had the designers to support doing a real fashion week in San Diego.  

What do you think sets our San Diego Fashion community apart from other cities' fashion communities?  
Allison: The best part about the talent coming out of San Diego in Art, beauty and fashion is the innovation and hard work. It is well thought out, well made and very creative. San Diego talent realizes to make a splash and make a name doing what they love to do it has to be great mediocre won't do it in this city. The best example of this is in FWSD12 the designers are better than what I saw in LA this last year. They work so much harder and it shows in the detail and perfection in their designs. We are lucky to be at the start of something big in this town.

What do you like most about organizing Fashion Week SD? 
Allison: Changing lives. Helping other and providing a high quality produced event that people remember and want to make a regular every year.

What is your ultimate goal for FWSD? 
Allison: The Ultimate goal is two things...#1 is to have multiple designers grow to be leaders in the industry that got their start at this event. #2 is to become an industry event were we get on the buyers calendar every year.

In what ways can SD Fashion bloggers contribute to Fashion Week SD? 
Allison: The best thing anyone can do is talk about it. Talk about the talent, get to know them the designers they  are incredible!  

Tickets for the events are on sale now (here) on and also be sure to check out www.fashionweeksd.com for designer interviews and details!


  1. Great interview. We'd like to meet different designers from California. we'll be following the latest trends :) Good Luck :) Keep in touch
    LoloXP from Argentina